Beatri Nel: Capturing Elegance

Much of the work of Beatri Nel features the nude feminine form in an elegant and tasteful way, capturing the figure’s mystery and emotion in a way that reflects Nel’s unique style and vision. She strives to display the human form in such a way as to bring out its innermost truth, to show the passion and potential of femininity against the backdrop of unusual, often surreal environments and through the use of dramatic shadow and perspective.Beatri Nel uses more than a simple and solitary photograph to bring out the subject’s potential. She uses digital photo technology to blend the unique elements of multiple photographs into the creation of a singular, jaw-dropping image, one that establishes a narrative that is filled with mystery, enchantment and an undertone of melancholy.

Beatri Nel creates work that is not exactly as it seems, combining a unique artistic approach with advanced manipulative method to bring out something more. Her artwork explores the emotion and hidden truths of the subject through expressive and impressive compositions, pieces that have set her firmly apart from her peers and that have established her as one of the local art community’s most prized and sought-after talents.

Beatri Nel creates a connection between the known and the unknown, bridging the gap between what we perceive to be real and Nel’s nearly limitless imagination to develop something special, memorable and impactful.Beatri Nel has a style all her own, one that has provided joy, inspiration and impact to many throughout the region and beyond.

Beatri Nel

Beatri Nel


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