Beatri Nel: Stimulating Your Imagination

Beatri Nel

Beatri Nel

There is no question as to the passion, commitment or effort Beatri Nel puts in to every piece of art she creates. A talented and experienced fine art photographer, as well as an amazing creative mind, Nel throws herself completely into each new piece, developing an image that stimulates the person’s imagination and creates a memorable and emotional experience unlike any other.

Beatri Nel, a long-time member of the South African art community, is known for artwork of a simple yet rigorous quality, pieces that reflect her perspective of the human form and that emphasize the connection between amazingly stunning backdrops and environments with the nude feminine form. The hope of Beatri Nel is to leave an unforgettable and undeniable impact on the viewer, one that not only stimulates their imagination, but that also truly makes them think and to consider the human-nature interaction from a new perspective.

Beatri Nel is moved by the truth, mystery and beauty of the subject, and works to bring out these qualities in her artwork. She strives to build a connection between the image and the viewer, one that forever awakens emotion and thought within the individual and consistently challenges their perception of reality. Beatri Nel continues to create imagery that shakes the status quo and challenges people’s perception of photography’s potential.

It is the sincere hope of Beatri Nel that viewers get as much enjoyment from her work as she does making it. She seeks not fame or accolades, but rather the feeling that she’s created something that truly engages and inspires others.


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