Beatri Nel: Expertly Combining Breathtaking Scenery with the Feminine Form

Good art has the capability to forever transform the way we see, and even interact, with the environment. Creating good art, at least for Beatri Nel, helps the artist to explore their own perception of the world that surrounds them, leading to a piece of work that exhibits their own unique and inspiring take on moments, the environment and the human form.

Beatri Nel

Beatri Nel

Professional photographer and artist Beatri Nel produces works that affords people the opportunity to get lost breathtaking scenes of nature; to find peace and serenity in a restless sea, desert, magnificent waterfall or dark forest that emphasizes not only the power of nature, but also the grace, beauty and mystery of the human form. Beatri Nel finds inspiration in beautiful, natural landscapes, and often times brings these landscapes together with subtlety, majesty and splendor of the female form to create something truly unique, special and inspiring.

Beatri Nel wants to effectively and powerfully convey the peace of nature, and has accomplished this effect throughout her photography career. The inspiration she finds in the breathtaking aspects of nature, beauty and mystery shines through in the beautiful pieces she creates; images that are constructed with expert digital manipulation, the skilled use of the contrast between light and dark and a focus on the poignant and often lost details that are so crucial to the creation of a memorable piece of art.

Beatri Nel likes to turn images into transformative and transcendental works of art that remain with the viewer for years to come.


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