Beatri Nel: Skilled Conceptual Photographer

Inventive South-African based fine art photographer Beatri Nel takes a different and unique approach to photography. Through the application of contrast, digital manipulation and creative conceptualization, Beatri Nel produces images that are have the power to inspire and create awe within the viewer. Known for inventiveness and unique approach to visual imagery and photography, she produces pictures that have an unmatched soulful and impactful quality.

The surreal comes alive through the works of Beatri Nel, now considered one of South Africa’s most inspiring and considerable artistic talents. An indispensable asset to both the art world and the photographic community, she continues to impress and amaze with the development of strikingly beautiful and transcendental imagery, pictures that leave the viewer both stunned and breathless.

Beatri Nel also incorporates amazing narratives within her work, an attempt to inspire thought and evoke an emotional response from the audience. By expertly layering such elements as textures, colors and filters throughout each piece, Nel is able to produce the kind of visually-stunning effects that leave the individual in awe.

Beatri Nel pursues her passion for photography and photographic art with a vigor, energy and enthusiasm rarely found throughout the art world. Her hope is not just to create something unique, but to produce a powerful visual experience that lasts in the viewer’s mind, heart and soul throughout the ages. Her work impresses, inspires and excites those fortunate enough to gaze upon its majesty, mystery and striking beauty. Beatri Nel promises to be a success for a long, long time.

Beatri Nel

Beatri Nel


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