Beatri Nel: Nothing is Impossible

Beatri Nel believes that when you combine the best of photography with the skilled use of digital manipulation, nothing is impossible. An expert in both fields, she continues to build a portfolio of some of the most spectacular displays of surreal imagery, narrative and emotional expression to have ever graced the art community.

Beatri Nel

Beatri Nel

Beatri Nel has an inventive imagination and a powerful creativity, one that allows her to construct and produce some of the most fantastic images in the world of fine art photography. Every image she produces is developed from the skillful blending of multiple images, artfully combined and put together to form an amazing final product. Beatri Nel creates compositions through the manipulation of color, texture and detail, enhancing the natural mystery, power and beauty of the subject in her pursuit of photographic perfection.

Beatri Nel has become an influential and inspiring force within the fields of art and photography. Her approach to the craft is refreshing and cathartic, one that has led to multiple powerful, transcendental pieces that continue to surprise and amaze even the most seasoned of critics, professionals and enthusiasts. Beatri Nel uses an abundance of skill in digital manipulation, the use of light and contrast and the combination of various elements and details to bring out a photograph’s fullest potential.

Beatri Nel is continually perfecting her craft and refining her technique, something that affords her the chance to produce something unique and eye-opening with each new piece. Her presence as one of the premiere talents in her field is without question.


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