Skilled Artist and Photographer Beatri Nel

Artists throughout the world can learn a lot from Beatri Nel, whose vivid imagination, photographic skill and focus on the moment have allowed her to create numerous amazing displays of nature and the splendorous beauty of the nude feminine form. A skilled artist and photographer known for her knack for capturing spectacular displays of narrative, surreal imagery and emotional expression, Nel continues to be an inspiration to many in the worlds of art and photography, respectively.

Beatri Nel utilizes her significant flair for the creative, as well as a very inventive imagination, to build and produce fantastic images that capture the true essence, the true emotional powerful of the given moment. Skilled at both blending and combining multiple images into one extraordinarily powerful piece, Nel produces compositions that challenge the audience’s perception of nature, of the body and of the moment she is conveying.

Beatri Nel

Beatri Nel

Beatri Nel continues to be an influential, inspirational and one of the most inventive photographic talents in the South African art community, creating work that truly reaches the audience and has a deep and resonating impact on the viewer. Though perfection may seem like a lofty goal, Nel continues to pursue the ideal with an unrequited passion, seeking to create something truly awe-inducing and transformative that leaves the viewer wanting more.

Nel has an in-depth knowledge of and skill with digital manipulation, and is able to transform that skill into images that capture the imagination and won’t let go. She continues to be regarded as a premiere talent in the South African art community.


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