Beatri Nel – An Attention to Detail that Leads to Transcendence

Beatri Nel

Beatri Nel

It’s often easy for people to lose sight of the details, and to ignore both the power and potential the small things can have on a project of any magnitude. For professional photographer and artist Beatri Nel, the smallest details make all the difference, and are central to the creation of artwork that truly enhances the image and the subject.

Nel has an unrequited fascination with the details, and has transformed this fascination into some of the most stunning, emotional and thought-provoking work available in the modern South African art scene. Harnessing the power and potential of every little detail, whether that be in a magnificent scene of nature or in the natural beauty of the feminine form, affords Beatri Nel the chance to create poignant, transcendental work that creates a genuine connection with the audience. Her insistence on bringing out the details of the subject has been a critical, even essential part of her success, and has given her the opportunity to make a name for herself amongst the top talents in the South African art community.

In fine art photography, as Beatri Nel knows, no detail is too small or insignificant to be ignored or left out of the image. Every aspect of the photograph plays a role in the idea it conveys, making it necessary to incorporate the details into one’s ultimate artistic vision. It is evident as one peruses Nel’s extensive collection of work that she takes painstaking care to not only focus on the details of the image, but to enhance them in a way that brings out something truly wonderful in the subject.


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