Beatri Nel – The Beauty of Surprise

Beatri Nel has an extensive collection of incredible photographic pieces, each one created to surprise the viewer through the presentation of the strange and unexpected in both the serenity and the beauty of the female form. By skillfully using nuanced detail and dramatic overshadowing, Nel is able to create something truly surreal; transcending people’s ideas of the inherent beauty and mystery of a slice of nature or the nude feminine body.

If you’re seeking photographic works of art that go beyond known limitations and that are free of the constraints of conventional photography, than look to the collective works of Beatri Nel. She does more than simply take a photograph and insert it into a frame. Through digital manipulation techniques, the skilled use of layering and the pursuit of achieving a unique artistic vision, Nel works to establish a sense of harmony between the human form and a powerfully poignant scene of nature, presenting the viewer an image, and an idea, that challenges, inspires, and transcends perception.

Beatri Nel

Beatri Nel

You’ll find the beauty in both the strange and unexpected when you experience the work of Beatri Nel, whose passion for creating something different and unusual has led to some of the finest pieces produced in the world of fine art photography. In Nel’s imagery, you find a genuine compassion and truth rarely found anywhere else, something that allows for a more memorable and genuine connection between yourself and the subject matter.

Find the beauty of surprise in the work of Beatri Nel, an artist of vision, of passion and talent that is transforming the world of fine art photography.


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