Beatri Nel – Elegant, Tasteful, Emotional

A great portion of the fine art photography produced by Beatri Nel is aimed at presenting the beauty of the nude feminine form in an emotional, elegant and tasteful way, bringing out the mystery of the subject through both a focus on detail and the development of surreal imagery designed to enhance the truth and potential of both nature and the person. By featuring the female form against a backdrop of an unusual environmental backdrop, Nel is able to present her subject simple, yet profoundly inspirational way.

Narratives are established in every Beatri Nel work of art, creating an undertone of enchantment, mystery and melancholy that pulls the audience in and doesn’t let go. By working towards the production of images that are never exactly as they seem, Nel brings out something more, something truly inspiring and thought provoking. Her unique artistic approach includes the skilled utilization of advanced manipulative method, as well as the use of dramatic shadow and perspective, to present and feature a truth not often visible to the naked human eye. Her compositions have become a mainstay in the South African art community, and have showed many what is possible in the field of fine art photography.

Beatri Nel has a limitless imagination that is effectively demonstrated in everything she creates. Her true talent is for locating the truth within the subject, and bringing that truth to life through hard work, skill and a vision that is largely unparalleled in the craft of photography. She is truly an asset to her colleagues, her peers and the people who enjoy the experience.

Beatri Nel / Artwork

Beatri Nel


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