Beatri Nel: Exploring Human Emotion

Beatri Nel

Beatri Nel

Beatri Nel is an expert photographer and artist. She has the ability to create amazing images that speak to a person’s soul and create emotional connections that last a lifetime. She is committed to the creation of photographs that don’t just depict an image, but photographs that depict an entire story. Her background in graphic design has allowed her to weave many images together into one multi piece narrative. She is an extremely well known artist from Pretoria, South Africa, and she understands the valued investment art can be. However, she doesn’t believe that art should just be purchased for the sake of the investment, no matter how valuable. She believes that a person needs feel a genuine connection to the work itself before the investment truly matters. In many of her photographic works, she combines the beauty and the grace of the feminine form within stunning outdoor landscapes in order to create a feeling of mystery and a sense of the unknown. Her artwork is known for stimulating the imagination while reflecting a sense of passion for the narrative of the work itself. She creates images that are free from the limitations of reality, yet still live in harmony with the world we know.

Beatri Nel dives deep into the emotion that art can conjure in a person. She feels that art needs to develop a personal relationship with the viewer and not just an admired glance. Her use of conceptual style provides a unique twist to the photographic realm as she depicts images that convey powerful emotions. Beatri Nel has always been passionate about photography and design. She believes that combining photography with digital manipulation is the best of both the photographic worlds. With digital manipulation, she can make reality feel like a dream world where normal limitations no longer exist or inhibit the human form.



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