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Beatri Nel: Unique and Modern Styles

Beatri Nel is an extremely talented artist and renowned photographer from Pretoria, South Africa. She has dedicated her work to instilling an emotion within each one of her viewers as she combines the human form with surreal depictions of landscape. Many of her images depict the grace and flowing beauty of the female form, particularly within amazing images of beautiful landscape. No matter the environment around the figure, each image displays an awe inspiring meditation on femininity and the breathtaking solitude one can experience within nature. The figure is captured at her most vulnerable and emotional side as she tries to find herself through out her various environments. Beatri uses her unique style to instill emotion in her viewers as well. As the feminine character within her art searches for meaning in herself, the viewer is captivated be the narrative unfolding before their eyes. She has been recognized the conceptual photographer and artist that she is due to her creation of visual dream worlds. Through inventive photography, she plays with reality in a realistic way that provokes thought within the viewer. Nothing is what it seems within her collection of fine art where people, places, objects, and events weave together in strange combinations.

Beatri Nel

Beatri Nel

As a conceptual photographer, Beatri Nel uses unique and modern ways to create worlds through multiple photographs at a time. She not only blends multiple images together in such a way that was never thought possible before, but she also adds new textures, new layers, and some subtle shading. The blending of images for the first time is something that Beatri Nel finds so exciting about her career as conceptual fine arts photographer. In every piece of imagery, she tries to instill a newfound sense of emotion in her viewers. This emotion, she hopes, is strong enough to make the viewer question their sense of the world as they understand it.